Mysekyo Australia

Mysekyo Australia is passionate about natural health.
We specialise in developing innovative products that deliver a natural approach to health and wellbeing.

Mysekyo Australia Pty Ltd

ABN : 74 159 890 070

Post address:

 P O Box  540, Beecroft, NSW 2119

Sydney, Australia.

Our Strength

As an Australian company, Mysekyo Australia has provided and excellent level of service to its local and overseas customers. We have also assisted our customers in exporting quality Australian health supplements.

Our Products

Mysekyo Australia’s products help people to be their best. The supplements, Mysekyo offers ranges from fish oil capsules and vitamins. We use high quality ingredients and made to exacting requirements under good manufacturing practices to ensure all the supplementary medicine products are manufactured in accordance with the Australian Code of GMP.

Our Promise

MysekyoAustralia Pty Ltd as a licensee of the Australia Made,is committed to superior business performance. Our strategic is focused on delivering growth and continuous improvement to maintain to achieve ongoing success for our products. To succeed and grow through excellence, we always strive to maintain its good reputation by using the best selection of ingredients & formulations throughout its manufacturing process. Mysekyo products are dispatched and are manufactured under rules and health regulation required by Australian GMP to ensure the products are not only carrying the highest quality possible, but also are manufactured for the benefit and health of customers’ wellbeing.

About Us

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    Mysekyo Australia (Health Products) is now one of Australia’s leading natural health brands.
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    Our aim is to provide the world’s best natural health products and to become peoples’ first choice in healthcare.
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    Our high quality products are 100% Australian Made & Owned.
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    All products are developed with consultation with Pharmacists and health care professionals.
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    We supply direct to the leading pharmacy group – ensuring the very best in both price and quality.
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    For a brand you can trust – for outstanding Value and for the assurance of Australian Made and Owned – it’s Healthy Choice for you – .

Quality Asssurance

All products produced are in accordance to the guideline and requirements of Australian Government Health Ministry and International Health Standard requirements.

All products are produced at a licensed Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) environment and each required product is branded with an approved Aust L Number certified with and authorized authentic certificate issued by the Australia Government.

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